February 28 - March 3   


4-Day Sonic Breathwork Challenge To Unlock Your Limitless Self 

Upgrade Your Reality

Imagine how it would feel to break free from the entrapment of doubt, fear, and worry and move into a higher state of existence in which peace, prosperity abundance, and fulfillment were no longer a distant thought, but a reality.

Quantum Shift is a multi-sensory experience that blends cutting-edge breathwork, visualization and manifestation practices to help you gain access to a field of unlimited possibilities where you’re fully aligned with with the energy needed to magnetize your hearts desires, dreams and visions.

In this Free 4-Day Sonic Breathwork Challenge, you'll receive the tools, practices and simple step-by-step process to:

Gain HD clarity on your highest dreams, desires and vision

Deepen your self-awareness and reconnect with your innate wisdom

Change your energy from living in the past to living in a new future

Activate your heart and cultivate elevated emotions to make space to receive the treasures of the universe

Strengthen your self-trust and intuition, so you can step into the flow and synchronicity of life

Activate and embody your inner power with confidence and ease

The Schedule

Day 1


Every creation starts with a thought, but thought alone does not create; thought, aligned with an elevated emotion, and inspired action is what brings dreams and visions to life. In day 1, you will learn the science and myths behind conscious manifestation while diving deep into an expansive breathwork and meditation practice to create a harmonized and coherent internal state.

Day 2


Learn how to tap into your imagination to create the future of your dreams. In day 2, you will be creating the blueprint for your desired vision through a powerful breathing technique and visualization practice that will take you on a quest to awaken your future self.

Day 3


Transmute any unconscious fears, thoughts and beliefs that are getting in your way from amplifying your life. In day 3, you will embark on a journey to make peace with your inner child and free yourself from the limitations holding you back from creating a new life experience.

Day 4


Step into the flow and become the full embodiment of your higher self. In day 4, you'll learn the secrets to stepping into your power and encode new, empowering beliefs into our subconscious mind so you can activate a limitless reality.

Your Hosts

Christopher August

Christopher August, a.k.a ‘The Breath Alchemist,’ is a transformational Breathwork Facilitator who inspires, leads, and guides others on their journey within. Over the years, he’s had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with hundreds of individuals from around the globe, including men, women, and children in the villages of Tanzania, Africa to internationally-acclaimed thought-leaders. Through his immersive 1-1, corporate, and group work, he seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern-day practices to guide others into the depths of their heart, providing them direct access to their innate power, gifts, wisdom and vision so they can create a life of meaning, purpose and impact in service to all.

Johnny Buffalo

Johnny is on a mission to heal the world through the power of sound. As a classically trained guitarist, internationally-acclaimed Beatboxer and vibrational sound healer, he has a unique ability to help others release stuck emotions and limiting beliefs, enabling them to pave the way to their innate potential, creative genius and supernatural gifts. Through his potent presence and artful alchemy, he sends waves of revitalization, unification, and calibration that generates ripples of healing in the lives he touches.